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22-JUL-2011: Zod from the US says:

I purchased an Infared Suana about 8 years ago because I couldn't get rid of eczema and didn't want to use steriods. After 5 sessions I had noticeable improvement. After 7 it was gone. Unfortunately it came back. In my case my ecezema is triggered by Acidity. Once I learned this and learned to control it with diet the episodes were far and few between.

However, when I flare because I fall off the wagon (often it is a hard diet to folllow), I immediately get in my suana and by the 3rd or 4th session, it is gone. Then I just have to make sure I go back to a more alkaline diet to keep in check. I also grind my teeth alot, on nights I use my suana the grinding is considerbly less, I attribute that to the relaxation benefits of using the suana.

I have not experienced any weight loss that can be attributable to the suana.

05-MAY-2011: Janice from the US says:

I saw a portable light sauna at a Mind Body Expo for $800. I went on line and ordered one for $189 and I LOVE it. I drip just sitting in there for 20 minutes. I'm not overweight, I got it to detox and to promote healthy skin. I feel really good already and have only been using it daily for less than a week. Very relaxing and exhilarating!! AND, it doesn't take up much room space! You can even fold it and put it away. I highly recommend it.

05-MAY-2011: flywildbranch says:

I have had steadily worsening psoriasis for the last 2 years. No creams or other remedies have helped. I have had twice weekly infra red treatments for the last 3 weeks....I cannot believe the improvement I have seen in my psoriasis! It is nothing short of amazing. The patches are clearing really well, some are already gone. I had two bad patches at the back of my legs and the improvement is a miracle....better yet, I haven't had that awful itch and nerve pain at used to keep me up all night. I would recommend this for all...and I plan to continue my treatments. Praise God!

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