High blood pressure meds : Lorraine sent us her experience with her sauna.

I purchased my sauna a few weeks ago. I do like it but this is a serious precaution.

I have high blood pressure. I got off my high blood pressure meds a few months ago and have been following a high potassium/low sodium diet to monitor it. That was one of the reasons I bought the sauna.

Unfortunately, for me I have a tendency to not only overeat but overdo anything I enjoy and boy do I enjoy my sauna. Well the first time I spent 45 minutes, another 45 minutes after an hour of exercise and another 40 minute session.

Well I noticed that my blood pressure had skyrocketed and I had to go back on high blood pressure meds. The problem appears to be that dehydration can increase blood pressure.

I highly recommend people to be aware of this and use shorter sessions and hydrate more if you have this problem.

I still enjoy my sauna and look forward to using it daily for 15 minute increments at a 110 temperature instead of what I have done in the past. I feel the detox is well worth it.

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