Infrared Sauna Benefits

The success of the infrared sauna benefits is based on the principle that when the entire body functions harmoniously, a tremendous feeling of well-being results.

It is no wonder that doctors and therapists use far infrared heat to effectively treat muscular pain, rheumatism, skin problems and sports injuries.

Infrared saunas use a safe and gentle form of radiation in the 5.6 - 15 micron wavelength range. Extensive research has demonstrated that this type of radiation is of most benefit to our body because of its therapeutic and tissue regenerative properties.

The infrared energy is so safe that it is used in hospitals in incubators to warm newborn babies.

The infrared sauna benefits include the following :

  • Fat-burner : during your relaxing and rejuvenating infrared sauna session, your body sweats and burns calories.
  • Pain-reliever : increased blood circulation improves nearly any condition. The delivery of oxygen-rich blood to all muscles and joints stimulates the healing process for all joint and muscle related ailments.
  • Detoxification : the deep penetration of the infrared rays into your body and the resonance with your body tissue cells ensure quick removal of body toxins. Your body's natural sweat reaction in the infrared sauna ensures that your skin is deeply purified and that toxins find their way out. Efficiently.
  • Skin regeneration : infrared energy is a natural phenomenon. The sun emits infrared energy. Most living creatures emit infrared rays (that is why they can be seen with infrared night viewers). Infrared waves penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and assist cell replacement and deep cleansing of your skin. Other effects include purging clogged pores of deeply imbedded impurities and dead skin cells. You will be amazed by your glowing radiant skin. The increased blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your skin that helps relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and burns. Saunas will also encourage the healing of lesions and minor cuts.
  • Stress relieve : the warm soothing effect of the radiation will provide immediate benefit to tightened and knotted muscles, leaving the user feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • Cardiovascular fitness : use of the sauna enhances blood circulation, stimulating the perspiration process and in turn increasing the body's heart rate and overall cardiac output. This achieves a similar cardiovascular conditioning as vigorous exercise.
  • Boost immune system: the infrared heat strengthens the body's immune response, resulting in increased resistance to disease. Recent studies show cold and flu symptoms are reduced dramatically if treated early with infrared heat. Infrared sauna benefits include strengthening of your immune system by raising your white blood cell count.

A few must-know tips when using an infrared sauna :

  • Ensure that you are adequately hydrated prior to using the sauna. This means that you should drink. Please drink water. Your infrared sauna will assist in weight loss, but it's not a good idea to replenish the lost calories with high-calorie drinks. Drink water.
  • Most people allow their sauna ten to fifteen minutes to reach the desired temperature when they turn it on. You can start using the cabin during the time when it is heating up. This allows your body to get used to the increased temperature.
  • You can open the front door a bit or open the ceiling vent (if your sauna has one) to allow fresh air to enter. You will continue to enjoy the infrared sauna benefits even while fresh air is circulating through your sauna.
  • Place towels on the bench seat and under your feet to absorb perspiration and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the unit.
  • Limit the use of lotions or oils prior to using the sauna, as these products block pores and limit perspiration.


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