Infrared Saunas for Athletes

Why do sports doctors use infrared saunas for athletes?

Athletes today enjoy greater technological benefits to their training and recovery programs than ever before in the past. Research and medicine have evolved greatly, and athletes who take advantage of the best and latest tools, products and systems can see great dividends in terms of their body and their performance on the field. One such tool which has been emerging is the usage of infrared saunas for athletes. These can provide you with a wide range of benefits, and most importantly, can help you to heal and recover from injuries of all kinds in much less time.

Normal injury recovery times can vary greatly, depending of course on the type of injury you've suffered. A pulled muscle might take a few days, while a torn muscle or ligament can take a few months. This of course removes you from action, while also limiting your effectiveness and reducing your body strength and capability. Any way that can effectively minimize or reduce healing time should be carefully examined and utilized, and that's what infrared saunas for athletes are all about.

In the past, your options for dealing with injuries were pretty limited. A normal doctor might be able to give you something for pain, or for inflammation, but recovery time wasn't really boosted whatsoever. Surgical procedures could be performed for bad injuries, and those come with their own rehabilitation programs, and large overhead prices. Physical therapy could be performed, and that's an ongoing process, and one which cannot always be effectively applied.

Infrared Saunas for Athletes

To find a new solution, our advanced technology actually goes back to something more natural and basic. When in doubt, a natural mode of healing and recovery is always preferable, and that's what infrared saunas for athletes can do. It has been well known for quite some time that radiant heat is an excellent means for treating injuries ranging from sprains and strains to pulls, tears, muscle spasms and more.

What makes radiant heat so effective, and how is it different from other kinds of heat? In order to understand this, you have to understand the three basic ways of transferring heat. The first is the most basic, and it's called conduction. Heat here is transferred through physical contact, as a hotter object gives heat to something less hot.

The next method of heat transfer is convection. With convection, particles in the air are heated and disperse, rising in a circular fashion, creating room for cooler particles to be heated, which in turn do the same. This is the way that a normal sauna creates heat.

Infrared saunas for athletes are different though, as they utilize that special form of heat transfer known as radiant heat, mentioned above. When being heated through radiation, the surrounding air doesn't have to get hotter for you to get hot. Instead, infrared or radiant heat directly heats your body. The heat therefore doesn't just come into contact with the outside of your body, it actually penetrates your body.

Your joints, muscles, tissues and everything else actually receives this radiant heat directly. What this does is that it increases the flow of both oxygen and blood to your body. It also relieves tension and relaxes muscles, reducing soreness on nerves and in muscle spasms, and allows the body to heal itself more efficiently. Your body will feel instantly better, but more important, you will be enabling it to heal itself much more rapidly, efficiently and successfully.

All of this provides your body with great and profound therapeutic benefits. It's not all conjecture either, it's backed by some of the leading researchers in the fields of sports medicine. One expert in the field, Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, who has a Master's in Sports Science from the University of Southern California, notes that infrared saunas for athletes increase blood flow to muscles, deliver more concentrated oxygen to the muscles and in turn creates more energy and capacity for the body to heal itself.

If you're an athlete today, it's time to catch up with the latest treatments so that you can perform at your best and recover more successfully, and in less time. Some of the best treatments today are actually based on older concepts, like radiant heat provided by infrared saunas for athletes. The benefits can be great, and it's a natural and reliable treatment method you can trust.

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