Cardiac health care and high blood pressure treatment in the infrared sauna.

Cardiac health care made easy. Think about it. Now you can improve your physical condition while you sit and relax. Everybody will think you work out.

I'm not joking.


How does infrared cardiac health care work ?

The infrared energy penetrates deep into your body - up to 2, 3 inches deep. In the best cabins, the energy is optimized so that your body absorbs up to 93% of this energy. I have dedicated an entire page on this website where you learn everything you need to know to tell a good infrared sauna cabin from a mediocre one.

Anyway, this deep penetration causes a heating effect deep in your muscles and your organs. Your body will react. It does this by increasing your pulse. Your elevated heart rate causes a training effect which will improve your physical condition.

Medical research confirms that the use of an infrared cabin causes a cardiac training effect. Your body wants to lower its temperature and tries to do this by raising your heart beat. If this isn't enough to lower your temperature, your body uses yet another method. What it does is it makes you sweat.

Every gram of transpiration uses 0.586 Kcal. This is good, you are sweating. Fair amounts of transpiration. Up to half a liter is really no exception for an average person.

Think about it.

You are burning 300 Kcal, just by sitting in your relaxing infrared cabin, listening to your favorite music. This compares to running 2.5 to 3.5 miles !

Anyone being used to the heat in a sauna could easily burn 600 to 800 Kcal without any negative consequence ! Ever thought cardiac health care would get this easy ? You can become a fitter person by sitting and relaxing. The more you relax, the fitter you get.

Imagine the possibilities. This is also great for handicapped or disabled people who are concerned with cardiac health care.

You should take care though. You should drink enough in order not to dehydrate.

Drink water. If you drink water, you don't replenish the lost calories.

This is important, so allow me to repeat. If you drink some water before and after your infrared session, you have nothing to worry about, except maybe looking for a smaller size of clothes to wear !

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