Natural Wound Healing

Natural wound healing with your infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas get more attention for their link to the weight loss world, and rightfully so. The heat generated by infrared saunas help the body to sweat away pounds and impurities, increases the metabolic rate and heart rate so the body burns more calories. It is said that in 30 minutes of infrared sauna time, your body can burn up to 600 calories. It would take 60 minutes of jogging to shed that many calories. There are also so many other benefits to using an infrared sauna in addition to weight loss and two that often get overlooked are the natural wound healing abilities and the ability to help recover from injuries.

The skin you’re in

Infrared saunas do wonders for the skin. For one thing, the sweating process detoxifies the body of impurities. Fewer toxins means a healthier you and, of course, healthy radiant skin. Healthy skin doesn’t just look good, it makes it easier for wounds to heal. Increased and improved blood circulation is one of the main reasons why infrared sauna use can help the body with the natural wound healing process.

In fact, it isn’t just wound healing why people are using infrared saunas. This radiant heat can assist with treating rashes, burns and even skin conditions like acne and eczema. The increased blood circulation brings red and white blood cells to the surface of the skin which helps the skin heal faster.

Using infrared saunas for natural wound healing also works because of your improved immune system. Removing toxins and increasing the circulation of and production of blood cells that result from using an infrared sauna also means a healthier immune system. This, in return, means your body has an improved ability to fight off possible infections related to a wound as well as heal quicker.

Natural Wound Healing

The extra bonus to using an infrared sauna for natural wound healing is that wounds usually heal with less scarring when exposed to the warmth and light of an infrared sauna. This means you can get that incision to heal faster and with a reduced risk of scarring. So, the next time you get a cut or a scrape, consider relaxing in an infrared sauna as part of the treatment process.

Aches and Pains

If you’ve ever tried to live with regular pain or have endured it while recovering from an injury, you know how debilitating it can be. Infrared saunas for injury treatment can be a wonderful addition to your regular recovery treatment process. If nothing else, simply taking the time to allow your body to relax in a sauna does the body, and the mind, good.

To start with, there have been reports that, when used within the first 48 hours following an injury such as a sprain, the body is able to help the injury heal faster. Because the energy that radiates from an infrared sauna penetrates deeply into the muscle, this can help ease or eliminate muscle pain, trauma and strain. Infrared saunas for joint stiffness or general body aches have proven to help many sufferers get almost immediate relief, in some cases. Due to the fact that heat can clear up lactic acid and carbon dioxide around muscles, muscles and joints experience less stiffness.

It has been especially beneficial for those who suffer from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, as well as other medical conditions that can cause pain in the joints, muscles or other areas of the body. Doctors have also seen success and recommended it for those recovering from sports injuries and chronic pain conditions. Studies have shown that infrared saunas assisted the production of white blood cells in the body. These white blood cells, which also help with healing wounds, can alleviate inflammation and swelling which can also contribute to pain.

Help Prevent Injuries

The other great thing about using an infrared sauna is that it can help prevent those injuries from occurring in the first place. Infrared sauna users who relax in a sauna before fitness routines or sports related activities are warming up their muscles and overall body. Being more limber often means a reduced chance of injury, not to mention a much better chance of not feeling sore the next day. This is true for use as a follow-up to strenuous physical activity. Heating those muscles as part of a “cool-down” means you are less likely to have the aches and pains that sometimes follow physical activities. It really is a good idea to add the use of an infrared sauna to your fitness routines or sports training regimen to avoid injury and pain.

The infrared sauna is an excellent choice if you are interested in natural remedies to help your body heal itself. You can discover other natural alternatives for infrared therapy on this comprhensive website about natural remedies.

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