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Can infrared saunas really help speed wound healing? You've probably done a fair bit of research about infrared saunas. Hopefully, your research has included reading at least some of the pages of this website.

If so, there's a good chance you've read some information on the therapeutic benefits that can be provided by infrared saunas. More and more researchers, doctors and other health care experts are becoming convinced that infrared saunas can do wonders for the body. Among other things, sessions in an infrared sauna can detoxify the body, ease stiffness and pain, alleviate stress and anxiety, and help people lose weight. Other pages of this site describe some of these benefits, but on this page I'll focus on how infrared saunas are able to speed wound healing.

Although infrared saunas are becoming widely used for detoxifying the body and their ability to enhance weight loss programs, some people don't realize that they also have natural wound healing abilities. In addition to helping people melt away the pounds and remove impurities from their bodies, the sweating and increased metabolic rate caused by infrared saunas can improve the health of the skin.

While you're relaxing in an infrared sauna, you'll be sweating out various toxins and impurities your body has accumulated. Once these toxins and impurities have been removed, you'll probably see and feel an improvement in your overall health. However, as well as improving your overall wellbeing, infrared saunas can help your skin become healthier. The infrared energy emitted by an infrared sauna penetrates deeply into your skin's subsurface layers. This deep penetration of infrared not only cleanses your skin, but assists in the replacement of dead skin cells. Impurities that have been trapped in your pores will be flushed out by your sweat, along with dead or dying skin cells. As a result, your skin will start glowing with renewed health.

Yes, your skin will look fabulous. But, as well as improving your appearance, having healthy skin can also help to speed wound healing.

In addition to detoxification, improved blood circulation and stimulated red and white blood cell production are two other beneficial effects of infrared sauna sessions. In fact, stimulating increased blood flow and the production of more numerous red and white blood cells are actually two of the main ways that an infrared sauna can assist your body's natural wound healing process. Improved blood circulation helps bring a healthy, healing flow of additional red and white blood cells, oxygen and essential nutrients to the site of a wound. The presence of these additional blood cells, oxygen and nutrients can help your body speed wound healing naturally.

And, by improving your cardiovascular system and detoxifying your body, infrared saunas can help your body's natural wound healing process in yet another way - by boosting the natural powers of your immune system. Sessions in an infrared sauna will remove the toxins accumulated in your system and increase your blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and ability to transport essential nutrients throughout your body. The net effect not only speeds wound healing directly, but enables your immune system to become better equipped to fight off potential infections that might attack a wound.

In addition to wounds such as surgical incisions, cuts, scrapes and burns, you'll find that rashes, psoriasis and skin lesions like eczema and acne can all be improved by being exposed to the healing warmth of infrared energy. In addition, when infrared therapy is used as part of the treatment process, cuts, incisions and similar wounds typically heal with less scarring.

Everyone gets minor cuts, scrapes, burns and so forth from time to time. These injuries are just a fact of life and they're basically unavoidable. But, in addition to those inevitable types of wounds, some people must undergo surgery and are left with a surgical incision that must heal. Although created intentionally instead of by accident or mishap, an incision is also a type of wound. Now that you've read the information on this page, you know that infrared saunas can speed wound healing and reduce the risk of scarring. So, the next time you have a wound like a cut, scrape, burn or even a surgical incision, consider making infrared sauna sessions part of the treatment and healing process. Although you should always consult with your physician before using an infrared sauna to speed wound healing, the warmth of infrared energy can often do wonders.

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