Infrared Sauna for psoriasis

An infrared sauna for psoriasis? I had psoriasis for years and I have consulted many doctors for my psoriasis skin disease.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that results in itchy, sometimes burning areas on the skin. I have done a lot of research about psoriasis, visited many doctors and used a lot of creams and medication (even had injections) to try and improve my psoriasis.

Some doctors have told me that it is related to the immune system in our body, others have told me that it is stress related, I have been on some pretty expensive medication, long story short: I have tried a lot of things, but my situation never really improved permanently.

Sometimes when I come back from vacation, my skin was a little bit better for some time, but never for long.

A year ago I bought my infrared sauna and I must say that it has a very good effect on my skin. My psoriasis hasn't completely gone away, but out of all the treatments that I have tried, the infrared sauna seems to be the most natural to me. That's why I like my infrared sauna for psoriasis problems.

No creams, no hassle with injections, no more expensive medications for me. They all seem to help for some time, but in the end my situation always got worse again, so now I prefer to use my infrared sauna two to three times a week.

I cannot say that my psoriasis has completely gone away, but I feel good about the infrared sauna and it certainly has improved my situation to a certain degree.

I would certainly recommend an infrared sauna for psoriasis skin problems.

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