Mitochondrial myopathy : read how Julia from Holland eases the pain with her infrared sauna.

Mitochondrial myopathy is a rare muscle disease, it is a condition whereby the energy supply of the muscles is disturbed.

I would like to share my experiences with my infrared sauna with you.

So I have mitochondrial myopathy. I suffer tremendously from waste products that build up in my muscles and that have a hard time finding their way out of my body. That causes me to live in constant pain (muscle pain) and if that's not bad enough I am a very chilly person due to a slow metabolism.

Not everyone seems to benefit as much from an infrared sauna as I do and I know that there are people who have a hard time dealing with the heat. These people also don't feel very comfortable when the weather is hot in the summer.

For me though, the infrared cabin works very, very well. It helps my body getting rid of the waste products in my muscles and I feel that my muscles are getting more flexible. I can tell the difference in the amount of waste products by the size of the bumps in my muscles.

There is a wide variety of infrared saunas and I firmly believe that there are a lot of differences in quality. My brand new infrared cabin comes from Germany. The infrared heat radiates directly from the walls and feels very relaxing. I don't have to move around in the sauna because the heat gets too much.

The radiated heat is spread out evenly in the entire cabin and feels very comfortable. It doesn't kill all the pain from my mitochondrial myopathy, but the pain gets relieved a great deal.

And I must say that I sleep much, much better after a session in my infrared cabin.

Another feature of my sauna is that it also has light therapy, which is beneficial for your psychic health. It simulates the sun in the cold and darker winter days.

For me personally, the infrared sauna offers a lot more benefits than the traditional sauna. I don't like the fact that you are supposed to cool down after a session in a traditional sauna.

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