Sweating in the Infrared Sauna?

I just bought an infrared sauna (4'x5') that uses the ceramic heaters. I don't seem to be sweating like I thought I would be. I set the temp to 55C, wait for it to heat up to around 45C, then stay in for almost an hour and don't feel like I'm getting a really good sweat.

I called the manufacturer and they stated that some people don't sweat as much due to "genetic" differences. I'm not sure if the reason is the ceramic vs. the carbon heaters. I wanted to save money by buying the less expensive ceramic heater model and now I'm wondering if the results would have been better with the carbon fibre heaters.

Does anyone have any advice to share? Exactly how close does the heater have to be to your body to get the full effects? I can really feel the heat on the back but find the front heaters are just too far away from my body to really be effective.Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you have to constantly change positions while sitting in the sauna to get all over coverage?


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