Infrared Sauna and Heart Issues

Initially bought the infrared sauna because another customer had changed their mind about size of sauna and the warehouse made us an offer we couldn't refuse...had been having heart issues (irregular heartbeat, chest pain, etc.) and overall poor health for several years...trouble sleeping, no appetite, no energy; family history of heart disease (early...grandmother triple bypass in 40s and mom heart attack by 50).

Had no idea what benefits to expect so these things I am about to tell you couldn't possibly be the "placebo effect" (you expect a certain result and therefore it seems to happen).

Chest pain is gone. Irregular heartbeat is gone. Have had the thing about three weeks and use it 30 minutes most nights.

Sleep like a rock where I used to lay awake half the night. Sex drive improved where there was none since having a baby three years ago. Crave healthy foods instead of junk. MUCH more energy to get through the day...before I was dragging and now I have to force myself to get ready for bed. LOST NINE POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS AND I HAVE NOT CHANGED ANYTHING ELSE...not my eating habits, haven't exercised even once...this thing is amazing. Now I read about all the health benefits and I can't believe there is even more to come. EVERY PERSON NEEDS ONE NO MATTER WHAT ELSE YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP TO GET IT. Should have discovered this thing years ago....think of the quality of life I was missing.


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