Infrared Sauna Canada

With the worldwide craze of infrared sauna, Canada has certainly attracted a lot of attention, where the benefits of such things on a cold climate might well be more pronounced on the health of those living there than elsewhere.

Touted to provide a wide range of perks, from passive exercise to detoxifying the body, infrared saunas are a great alternative to traditional saunas. Given the benefits of dry heat, shoppers for infrared sauna in Canada have access to some of the best professional companies of infrared sauna makers, suppliers, and installers in the world. No matter whether you go with Pro Health Sauna, Montreal Saunas, Great Saunas, Far North Infrared, Sunstream, or another company, you are assured of getting reliable professionals that will help you get the perfect sauna for your needs.

Particularly among these, Pro Health Sauna, Montreal Saunas, Great Saunas have been in business for a long time and have a very reliable track record on service and warranty. Buying an infrared sauna in Canada is virtually risk free, as the technology is tried and true and the reputations of these companies have stood the test of time. Pro Health prides itself on individual service, treating each customer as though they are the only customer. Montreal Saunas is a west coast company, focused on providing sauna that is allergy free and healthy. Great Saunas offers a huge selection from pre-built to kits, and will gladly assist you in finding the perfect sauna for your budget.

Infrared Sauna Canada

So how can you find the best sauna for you when looking for an infrared sauna? You should always ask about the type of wood used, ideally it should be kiln dried over forty-five days and make sure that there is no risk of it having been sprayed with chemical fungicides. The common woods used in infrared sauna construction is hemlock, basswood, poplar (which are nearly odor-free and allergy free), oak, spruce, and cedar. The latter three are sometimes mentioned in relation with scent in the wood that can cause breathing issues in some people. Solid wood is always the best for sauna construction no matter what manufacturer you chose.

Saunas should all be outfitted with EMF shielded cables on the heaters to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields while you are using the unit. While the risk is already very low, many people use the sauna daily, so reducing the exposure is never going to hurt anyone. Most major manufacturers insist on this themselves, and it is rare you will find one that does not meet certain international standards. The best of these meet not only Canadian standards but EU standards too.

While you can find different opinions on the heaters, some claim one kind is better than the other, the best thing to do is go someplace that has both carbon and ceramic heaters and test them both to see what kind you like. Some sellers offer both kinds so you can choose one or the other. Montreal Saunas use Carbon fiber heaters universally, so if you know you want that kind of heater, they may be best for you as a provider. Both Pro Health and Great Saunas can be bought with either type of heater, depending on the type of heat you are most comfortable with.

If you happen to stumble across a "deal" and it seems like it is much better than the competitors, before you accept that deal, make sure you check for certain things, like plywood, veneers designed to look like solid wood, any sort of glues, resins, or fillers in the construction. Beware that use of these products in a dry heat situation can potentially release toxic fumes that will defeat the purpose of detoxifying in the first place.

One other thing to keep in mind is the amount of glass on the front of the sauna. While units with large glass fronts look nice, they lack heater space on that side of the unit. While the units are very nice in appearance, you end up sacrificing some of the benefit of getting heat on all sides. Speaking of heat, watch how the heaters are placed in the sauna, and don't waste energy with heaters that are above your head that will not provide you with any benefit.

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