Infrared Sauna and Multiple Sclerosis

I have had multiple sclerosis for the past 14 years and am delighted with the benefits I receive from my infrared sauna.

At first I was afraid that the heat wouldn't be good for my condition but infrared is not like a regular sauna - it doesn't feel uncomfortably hot just warm. My energy levels are much higher, my mood is more bouyant, and my symptoms are greatly reduced. In addition, my skin is incredibly smooth, the pain in my joints is practically gone, and I feel much cleaner - inside and out. Also, I don't get depressed anymore in the winter. I love sitting in the warmth in the middle of winter and I put the 'bright light' on.

I do drink loads when I'm in there - about 30-40 minutes at a time a few times a week - and I take magnesium before I go in as its recommended in the book 'Detoxify or Die'.

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