Infrared Sauna and Blood Pressure

After only one month of consistent use, my blood pressure has dropped significantly -- systolic and diastolic.

After more than a year of reading and study about FIR saunas and their benefits, my wife and I bought one with the expectation that it could help to lower my blood pressure. I visited my doctor for a routine exam only three days before we purchased our sauna. My BP was 167/92 at that visit. I told my doctor I did not want blood pressure meds and I wanted to try FIR sauna as a means of control. Though skeptical and totally ignorant of FIR saunas, she relented.

I have possessed the symptoms of hypertension for almost 30 years. Doctors have prescribed different drug therapies, all of which made me feel worse and failed to lower my blood pressure. When one prescribed treatment landed me in hospital, I decided that I had to find a natural way to control my BP. From that point, I have not taken a single BP medication.(6 years ago) I have always been physically active, kept my weigh under control and eaten healthily. Doctors could provide me no reason for my elevated BP beyond a genetic predisposition.

I took my blood pressure prior to my first session in my sauna and it was 170/94. After three sessions of 30 minutes at 120 degrees F, I took it again. My blood pressure had dropped to 147/77 in just 3 days! I thought this could not be correct, so I monitored my BP daily, twice a day, at the same time of day, and sat in my sauna at the same time of day each day at a temperature of 120 degrees, 30 minutes, for two weeks. After two weeks, I increased the temperature by 5 degrees F and kept the time constant.

Though my systolic has fluctuated from a low of 117 to a high of 142 since I've used my sauna, 142 is as high as I have measured. My diastolic has not been measured higher than 77, and has been as low as 66. I am amazed and convinced.

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