Robert from the US sent his contribution about his IFR sauna

I have found through a great deal of research that IFR sauna are much better for people who for one reason or another cannot tolerate the high heat and humidity of a traditional steam sauna. Iam in the sauna thirty minutes every other day at a peak temperature of a 130 degrees.

I do exercises in the sauna for my neck and back. I keep a bottle of water in the sauna and drink when I feel I need too. As a relatively newcomer to the infrared sauna, I have found improvements do not happen over night and take time. Also, is the fact that by drinking a lot of water while the sauna is in operation for those thirty minutes, I do not sweat very much at all.

So I continue to experiment with different methods. So that I can really sweat! I feel very relaxed after my session and look forward to my next episode. I can see a steady diet of infrared sauna is very beneficial and should be part of one's health routine. Hope some or all of this information helped...

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