Infrared Sauna Reviews To Help You Decide

Reading infrared sauna reviews can take away a lot of the confusion that you might face when researching infrared saunas.

By now, many of us are used to searching for online reviews whenever we're thinking about buying a new product. These product reviews can be especially helpful when you're unfamiliar with a specific brand or some new type of technology used by the item you're considering.

Well, it's no different if you're thinking about getting an infrared sauna. What we’re interested in are unbiased, honest infrared sauna reviews that are written by ordinary consumers, not necessarily professional reviewers and not someone who is secretly working for the sauna manufacturer. Reading some of these independent reviews can give you a good understanding of these innovative saunas, their quality and what it's like to use them. In their reviews, people who have actually bought and used them share their experiences and what they think of the particular model they have.

Unfortunately, finding infrared sauna reviews that are truly unbiased and honest can be more difficult than you might think. A large number of the reviews that will be turned up by an online search are, in reality, much closer to being what would objectively be called "user testimonials" than true reviews. And guess where you'll find many of these so-called reviews?

Well, they're typically published on websites that are maintained by infrared sauna companies. So, how much reliance can you really place on the information in these "reviews?" Are they really, truly honest, independent and unbiased? It's your call, of course, but I'd like to suggest that you focus your efforts on reading reviews you find elsewhere - somewhere you're more likely to find honest information instead of the strictly favorable stuff you'd read on a manufacturer's site.

In addition to the infrared sauna reviews here on this site, there's another resource that you can use. For example, can be a great place to look for infrared sauna reviews that are probably more or less unbiased. Infrared saunas are sold on Amazon, and as with any other product sold there, Amazon customers can post reviews of the saunas they purchase.

The infrared sauna reviews on are written by actual buyers, and some of them go into great detail about the advantages and the disadvantages of specific infrared sauna models and brands. Because you'll see both sides of the picture, reading these reviews can be extremely helpful when you're trying to decide which infrared sauna to buy - or even whether you want to buy one at all.

There's no question that reading unbiased reviews is more helpful to potential buyers than reading the glowing information set forth in user testimonials that are portrayed as being objective but in reality are completely one-sided, always favoring the specific sauna and/or manufacturer being discussed.

The consumer reviews on are a good place to start, but I'd like to offer a platform where people can send in their unbiased infrared sauna reviews. That way, potential buyers can get a more accurate picture of the infrared sauna experience and the particular saunas they're considering.

I want to strongly encourage everyone who owns an infrared sauna, whether it uses carbon heaters or ceramic heaters, to send in their own unbiased review. And if you don't own an infrared sauna yourself but you know someone who does, please tell them about this page, because I'd like it to include as many honest reviews as possible. Providing a place where anyone can read unbiased infrared sauna reviews is the best way I can think of to help potential buyers make informed decisions.

If you're planning on sending in a review but you've never written a review before, you might want some guidance on what types of things you should include. You'll want to mention several things about your infrared sauna, including its brand and model, how many people can enjoy it at the same time, which type of heaters it uses, whether it came with a sound system and/or colored light therapy, whether it came with an instruction manual and if so, whether the manual was easy or difficult to follow and understand, was your infrared sauna easy or difficult to assemble, and so on.

Hopefully, this page will become the online "home" of a large number of infrared sauna reviews that discuss a wide range of brands and models. Choosing the right infrared sauna can be difficult because there are so many choices and - let's face it - there's a lot of marketing hype out there. We can all help each other, so let's do it!


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