Infrared Sauna and Psoriasis

I bought my sauna a few months back. I have fairly severe psoriasis and a host of other health problems along with somewhat overweight. My main goal was detoxification.

Like Susan from Canada I at first thought I had wasted my money as I didn't barely sweat. I stuck with it though and now most times I sweat like anything. I found that in my case I try not to use any soaps capable of blocking pores. I actually find now that I don't usually use any soap at all, just a hot to cold shower afterwards and I keep tabs with my wife and she says I don't have any bad body odors.

I honestly believe half of what we put on our skin is not good for it. Haven't lost much of any weight but I also have not exactly been on a diet, just trying to eat more fruits and veggies raw.

My psoriasis improved somewhat but got bad again during a stressful spell. My blood pressure seems to have improved quite a bit. If nothing else though I can honestly say that I feel better with more energy in spite of the fact that It also hasn't seemed to have helped my ability to sleep any.

I also honestly believe that nothing happens that quickly and fully intend to keep it up as I believe I will benefit greatly soon.

I would love some feedback though on if anyone else has had a problem with becoming very itchy on the feet and ankles and psoriasis spots. Also when do you find the best time to use it for sleep benefits.

I use my sauna 3-4 times a week for 30 - 40 minutes at 135 Deg. Almost always in the evening.

P.S. We need a forum type site where we can directly answer each other on specific concerns and questions and everyone can also check it out. Anyone know of one.


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