Infrared Sauna and Back Pain

Infrared Sauna and Back Pain - A testimonial from J. from Canada (and his cat!)

I have back pain because of tightness, as well as I was getting rashes over my arms, related to stress. We received the sauna this September, just as University started. I find that not only has the infrared sauna helped my back immensely, but I can concentrate on my readings for my classes so well when I'm in the sauna! Also, I have not had a reoccurrence of my persistent rashes, for the first time ever, and this semester has been the MOST stressed I've been in a LONG time!

Also, my cat loves the sauna and will come in and lay down and stretch his belly to warm it up. He stays in and then when he's had enough just touches the door with his paw for me to open it!

I would recommend a sauna any day. We use it everyday! It is the best investment in your health, and happiness (and your cat's) that you will make!


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