Vivian from the US sent us her leg circulation story.

My leg circulation story : I am not a skeptic, however, when I began reading all the things an infrared heat sauna would do for me, I did not believe half of it. But, loving saunas, I purchased the infrared heat sauna and I can honestly say that everything I've ever been told or read about or researched on the Internet is true!!

I have fibromyalgia . After my first two sessions in my sauna, one hour each day, I did not have a pain in my body. My blood pressure went down so far that my Dr. took me off most of my blood pressure medicine.

I sleep like a baby.

My husband has leg circulation problems and that also has improved 95%. He also had myopathy in his feet and that is completely gone.

The infrared sauna skin care effects are astounding. It has also caused various skin moles, bumps, warts, brown age spots, etc. to almost disappear. I realize every "body" is different and will have different results, but speaking for my husband and myself, it has been miraculous and the best buy we have ever made.

I know lots of folks are curious about weight loss - I cannot vouch for that since we have not lost much weight but that is not surprising because we are not truly doing the diet/exercise thing along with the sauna, so to be fair we have no comment on the weight loss feature.

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