Infrared Sauna and Lupus

Read Peg's story about her infrared sauna and lupus

I actually bought my IFR sauna prior to doing any research - kinda backwards but... it worked for me.

I have been diagnosed with "lupus" - due to... traveling joint pain (elbow, shoulder, hip), elevated ANA (deals with an autoimmune deficiency) which according to the numbers (mine was 750+) was off the charts and the dreaded "butterfly rash" across my face. I'm 57, a little old for a "lupus" diagnosis according to my Dr but...

I started using my sauna mostly at the detoxing levels and off and on at the lower temperatures which they identify as the more healing levels...and within 1 month of use, the "butterfly rash" was gone!

My energy level was up for sure and my overall being just felt better! I'm retired Air Force and wasn't looking for a job but I called the folks who sold me my sauna and asked if I could work for them!! Not important who they are, the product is great and I believe in their quality and overall reputation - and, the fact that the overall experience for me was amazing allows me to being very open and honest as I'm selling their saunas.

I've been using mine now for 10 months, I am free of the joint pain and have cut down on the medication (plaquinil) from 2 times daily to once every other day... I'm working to wean myself off of it totally.

I'm headed for the Dr in Nov 09 and am going to ask to have the ANA retested to see what my numbers are now. They also have a baseline Cholesterol which I will have redone to see what the numbers are as compared to a year ago. Was I a believer? I would have been skeptical but open. Am I a believer? I am now!

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