Christelle saw the infrared sauna segment on Oprah

After viewing an infrared sauna segment on Oprah by Dr. Oz, I spent a week investigating its benefits. At the end of that week, I was investigating what type of heating elements, the distributor who I was going to purchase one from, and how much electricity was going to be used as I'm *green*.

After in-depth discussions with my husband, I decided on a 2-person, 8-carbon filter cabin from West Coast Saunas. I spent a lot of time *interviewing* various companies, but was extremely pleased with their informative staff without the *hard sell* tactics. My Malibu sauna arrived within a week, and we had it put together in less than an hour. It uses 1475 watts - less than a hairdryer - and can be plugged into a normal 15 amp receptacle. We've had it for about two months now, and my daily sauna is the highpoint of my day.

And here's why: I broke both ankles earlier this year and was literally just getting back on my feet when my sauna arrived. My surgeon was astounded with my recovery time - I was back to powerwalking 4 miles a day in less than 3.5 months! She is now recommending infrared sauna to her patients!!! I'm 53 years old, have never had a facial and now my skin is baby-butt soft! I'm constantly touching my face in amazement - and everyone else has noticed as well. I use the sauna at its highest setting - 150 degrees - and literally sweat like a pig. By getting all those toxins out and getting my circulation pumping, I'm now drug-free - NO HYPERTENSION MEDICINE!!! My energy level is greatly improved - no more PM doziness. The daily muscle cramps (which usually occurred when I was in bed) are GONE!

I am a walking advertisement for my infrared sauna as many people have noticed the positive differences it's made in my life. Purchasing this unit has been the best investment in my life - especially as it's benefitted my health in so many aspects. I look forward to my 60 minute break - whether to meditate, catch up on my reading, using the light-therapy or listening to calming, spa-like cd's. It's my defense against the world!

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