Infrared sauna to manage pain

In 1985, I was in a car accident and hit from behind and got whiplash. I tore a muscle in my left shoulder back area. The pain would get so bad I would be down for days at times.

Eventually, on the advice of a friend, I started seeing a chiropractor. Amazing results, but expensive. I later started tanning at Visual Impact and they had an infrared sauna. I love saunas so I started using it on a regular basis. I found it helped to keep my should muscle relaxed and not so tight and I could "crack" my neck myself to keep it in alignment and keep the pain away caused from the car accident and I no longer needed to continue seeing a chiropractor.

I am able to keep the pain under control with the use of my infrared sauna. I also use a good back massager when needed. The sauna also relaxes me and increases my heart rate and I'm losing weight gradually. It also makes my skin extremely soft. I also injured both knees in the car accident (before wearing seat belts was the law) and I had to have knee surgery.

Due to my injuries, I have arthritis in both knees. The infrared sauna also helps keep this under control with no pain. It has also helped me with my sinuses and allergies. I purchased my sauna, after much research, from Sunlight Saunas three years ago because they have the carbonless heaters. I love it and I don't know how I'd live without it. It is definitely worth the investment to me.

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