Ken from Belgium sent us his skin boil remedy experience.

Before I had my infrared sauna I had frequently had a skin boil here and there, which caused me much discomfort and pain.

This is an infection of a hair follicle and the adjacent skin tissue. They can appear all over the body, but I usually had them in the back of my neck and on my thighs.

This may seem like a trivial problem but I had the hardest time trying to get rid of them and they are pretty painful, too.

In the beginning I tried to treat them with warm, moist cloths, but to no avail. Using antibacterial soaps did seem to improve the situation a bit, but not to say that the problem totally went away.

I meticulously had to avoid sharing of wash cloths and towels with family members to prevent the spread of infections.

A skin boil (also sometimes called a furuncle) is generally caused by bacteria (Staphylococcus) present on the skin and in the end I was on antibiotics for several prolonged periods of time, just to be free of the burden.

But then came my infra red cabin. I have to say that I didn't even consider the fact that the use of the sauna would solve the problem, because that was not the reason I purchased it. The main reason was for relaxation and muscle tension (stress) relief.

But apparently the sweating and increased circulation cleaned out my skin and pores so thoroughly that I haven't seen one single furuncle for quite some time. Even without antibiotics.

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