Nicole from Holland sent us her story about Myotonia Congenita.

My myotonia congenita story : I regularly visited the local public sauna because I had experienced that it brings relief in my muscle pains. I have the muscle disease Myotonia Congenita Becker.

This causes the muscles to tense up in the limbs, neck, hands, feet. The muscles go tense and that causes muscle pains.

I found that heat brings relief for my pains that are caused by this tension. I went looking for information about infrared saunas. Everything I could find was very promising, but nearly nobody could actually confirm if all this was true.

I decided to buy an infrared sauna myself, because I wanted to find out if it really could help. After all, the visits to the traditional sauna also made me feel better. We have a short wave cabin with magnesium emitters. These have a longer lifetime. The emitters don’t turn red when in use, they remain black.

Being in my infrared cabin for half an hour at about 120F brings relief to my muscle pains. It doesn’t always completely disappears, but it takes away the sharp edges of the pain.

Depending on my symptoms I use my ir cabin more or less frequently, varying from once a week up to 3 times weekly.

My infrared cabin also brings back pain relief. The pain decreases. Probably this will vary from one person to another. But you also have to build it up, you need to get used to it. During the first sessions you don’t sweat as much, but when your body gets used to it, you sweat more easily. When you get used to the heat you can also stay in the ir sauna longer and you can turn up the heat higher.

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