Ira from Holland noticed that skin moles disappear.

My skin moles story : we bought an infrared sauna not so long ago because my husband thought it was an excellent natural body detoxification aid.

He was very enthusiastic about the relaxation and rejuvenation in the sauna and of course I also tried it.

It's amazing what it does to your skin. After the first few sauna sessions my skin has already become so much softer. After a few months, even small darker spots that had multiplied by the years started to disappear !

I wasn't really worried about my skin marks, but you hear about them in the news from time to time because they can become cancerous.

I have a lighter colored skin and I believe that exposure to the sun caused my skin to be covered with freckles and darker skin marks, but using the infrared sauna makes them go away.

The heat in the sauna is very pleasant and relaxing, it's like feeling the stress leaking out of your body through your sweat glands.

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