Timothy from the US talks about his neck injury

My story ends with a complete passion for infrared saunas. During a work related ski trip I thought I would pick up snow boarding. I had been a skier my whole life, so how hard could it be?

Now to spare you a long painful day let's just skip ahead to the last run of the day....As I was falling in mid air I noticed the tops of pine trees and the beautiful skyline which was followed by cracking of branches, cracking of bones, and cracking of neck.

When I came too, I realized I was going to need to hike (crawl) out of the canyon I just fell into with a broken leg, arm, and injured neck. It took a couple of hours but I managed to get out, slide down the mountain on my stomach at night and stop right at the bottom during what looked to be happy hour. Well the funny thing was, everyone thought I was just kidding about my injuries as they figured I had a couple to many from the bar and had passed out.

Finally, I convinced a couple taking a romantic walk, that I was indeed injured and they promptly called for the ambulance.

Fast forward one year. Leg healed, arm healed, neck wasn't healing. Diagnosed as a major bulge in C4 C5 it was decided FOR me that they would fuse them together. I went along with it until I was dropped off for surgery and then, well, reluctantly declined at the dismay of the nurses, surgeon, and workman's comp.

Fast forward 6 months. A Physical Therapist used an infrared neck brace on my neck 5 times a week and to my absolute amazement, my neck has not bothered me since. When I say not bothered me, I mean karate, skiing (no more snowboarding) wrestling, or whatever else I put it through it's as if the injury never happened.

In a blessed set of circumstances, I am now the owner of Coastal Saunas, an infrared sauna company and couldn't think of a more rewarding satisfying career. The stories and letters I get are nothing short of amazing and they keep coming. Thank you for putting up this site to educated people about the amazing benefits of sauna therapy.

So that's my story...I'm not here to sell you a sauna, just share my story of how I got into infrared therapy.

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