Infrared Sauna and Prolotherapy

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I was having terrible back pains due to lax ligaments, I started a series of prolotherapy with a fonctional doctor, and he suggested that along with prolotherapy to repair the laxed ligaments to use an infra red sauna. This was mainly to improve circulation in the lower back and for the ligament to get stronger.

After a few sessions at the clinic I decided to buy my own infra red sauna, and save money because each 30 minute session at the clinic cost 35$,.

It has been a year now that I bought my infra red sauna, installing it was very easy, and took me around 20 minutes with my girlfriend.

There are way too many benefits and I feel that everyone should have an infra red at home, they come in all sizes now.

I am using it almost every day, and after a good session usually between 30-45 minutes I feel amazing.

There is also a cd player inside the sauna.

You must drink water, I get in the sauna with 1.5litre of water each time that I drink during my session.

Not sure if you lose that much calories, but for weight loss along with a good diet and exercise plan I am sure that the results would be amazing.

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