Infrared Sauna and Sleep?

Here's Debbie's story about her infrared sauna and sleep:

We have had our sauna for just over a week now. I can't believe how many benefits I've noticed. My skin glows. I don't even need blush anymore. My patches of eczema have disappeared and my moles have started to lighten.

I think the biggest change has been in my sleep. I am so relaxed when I go to bed that I fall asleep right away and sleep through the night. I use a variety of essential oils in my sauna (not at the same time) and lavendar seems to be a great pre-bed remedy. The sauna has also provided my husband and I a quiet place to be together.

We have 4 kids and don't get any time alone. We almost went with a hot tub but after doing all the research we decided on the infrared sauna. We are thrilled with our purchase and I can't wait to see the continued results.

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