Buy an infrared sauna

Great. You're sold on infrared sauna. But should you buy an infrared sauna?

Frankly, it's probably your best option. Health clubs and country clubs still tend to have traditional sauna - a sweltering room that is just the trick for heating your skin's surface. And of course a traditional sauna is big enough to accomodate a whole bunch of club members.

But traditional sauna isn't your thing. After all, you've read about the benefits of infrared. You understand how it works. At this point, it's hard to go back. You'll be sitting there in a traditional sauna thinking, "Boy, it sure is hot in here. Too bad it's really only my skin that's hot."

Infrared sauna tends to be an in-home thing, for people in the know. (And of course there are portable infrared sauna options as well, for people not just in the know, but on the go!)

So what it comes down to is this: buying an infrared sauna is your best - sometimes your only - option, if you want to use infrared regularly and conveniently. (Because chances are the guys in the showroom aren't going to let you come in and use theirs everyday!)

Still, buying an infrared sauna shouldn't be done without doing some good research, because there are a lot of choices to consider. For instance:

  • Do you want a one-person or two-person model? Or perhaps something bigger?
  • Portable, free-standing or built-in?
  • Custom or off the shelf?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Which make and model? (Plenty to choose from)
  • Construction (For instance, cedar? Fir? Hemlock? Each has its benefits)
  • Features and extras (Controls. Adjustability. Ventilation and circulation. Number of heat emitters. Seating. Lighting. Comfort. Wired for sound?)
  • Warranty
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Time to put on your decision-making hat. Or towel.

You should know that you can buy an infrared sauna off the shelf for prices ranging from three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars. And of course a professionally installed built-in model can cost a good deal more.

Remember though that you're not just buying an infrared sauna, you're making an investment in your own health.

As with any substantial purchase, steer clear of hype and be wary of aggressive salespeople.

And as with any complex purchase...

...don't get frustrated or overwhelmed by the range of options available to you. Remember why you decided to buy an infrared sauna in the first place and know that there really is no wrong answer - just a whole bunch of right ones!

Did you know that you can even buy an infrared sauna online?

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