Natural emphysema treatments with the infrared sauna ?

Dan from the US seems to have found one of the most natural emphysema treatments with his infrared sauna - read his story here :

I just want to share my overwhelming enthusiasm for my infrared lux sauna.... everything works better...

I have several observations:

1. I started working out after a year off. Historically I would experience extreme soreness for a few weeks. but using the sauna afterwards eliminated most of the debilitating soreness. I recovered much quicker.

2. My skin is tighter; I look 10 years younger.

3. Scars from years ago have disappeared. I have a burn mark from doing something no single male should do - iron in his underwear. After 10-days it was gone !

4. Mental clarity : ridding the ubiquitous toxins is amazing for brain power, energy and improved attitude !

5. I've had serious lung (emphysema - COPD) symptoms virtually disappear... my doctor can't figure it out... I just sit there and let him squirm for a logical (medical) answer. I've quit cold turkey - taking the BS that he insists on prescribing... I'm convinced doctors are either too arrogant or blind to see the truth of natures ability to cure what ails ya...

Thanks for the site... everyone should own an infrared sauna. I wish I'd had mine 20 years ago.

Remark: lung emphysema is not be be confused with lung mesothelioma

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