Build an infrared sauna for under $100

Build an infrared sauna for yourself and take the holistic approach to better health ? Read this story from Lynne from the US.

About 3 months ago, I quite suddenly became lethargic, dizzy, and nauseous with acute anxiety. My legs trembled violently and I had been having some bowel issues along the line of IBS for a few years. The emergency room and other allopathic visits could tell me absolutely nothing, which, of course, exacerbated my anxiety because I thought I was really ill and going to die. In desperation, I began my symptoms search on the internet. Long story short, I came across Dr. Larry Wilson's site and found his sauna and nutritional therapy research. His is the best, most thoroughly researched and documented information I have found anywhere, starting with his own personal experience. Most of his info is free on his site, but he also has books. One of the things that appealed to me was that he wasn't trying to sell some "secret". He wants people to have the information.

You don't have to buy an expensive sauna, he gives you plans right there and you can build an infrared sauna for under $100 with parts from Home Depot. We wanted to build an infrared sauna, so my husband put one together for us in a day...pvc pipe, some canvas painters' drop cloths, and 3 infra-red bulbs mounted on a piece of plywood and secured. It ain't pretty but it works. Dr. Wilson explains in copious, easy to understand detail why infra-red is best over other saunas. He advocates hair analysis and nutritional balancing to go along with the detoxing process. This holistic approach clicked with me. If the body is balanced, it heals itself and does not create disease.

I am THRILLED with the results so far. I had the hair analysis done which uncovered some severe mineral imbalances along with hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficency that were the cause of all my symptoms. I have been using the sauna for almost two months, 30 minutes a day and have been taking the nutritional supplements for only a week and a half and I am already experiencing the following:

I never have sweated much in my life. I am now sweating from ALL my pours, even my arms and legs. It feels wonderful.

I had rosacea for years and it, along with some hairline scaly spots have completely disappeared. I don't even use lotion any more and use to have to lather it on my dry, itchy skin.

I have no more bowel problems, amazing results here.

My energy has returned and my body temperature is normal (before it was chronically in the low 97 range and I was very cold natured, especially my hands and feet).

I didn't have a lot of aches and pains before (I'm a 59 year old female btw), but the few subtle ones I did have - shoulder, knee and finger - are gone.

Thru info they send you along with the hair analysis, I have learned better things to eat and things to stay away from because my metabolism and oxidation rates have been determined.

I am not affliliated with Dr. Wilson in any way, in case anyone is wondering, I just want to pass on his info because there is a lot out there and his not only makes the most sense of anything I have found, it has produced positive results already for me. I will continue with the nutritional program and do some further hair analyses down the road to make sure I stay balanced. And I will certainly continue with the sauna since powerful toxins continue to bombard us from the environment every day, no matter how clean we get or how well we eat and try to live.

I hope this helps others who are searching for a simple, holistic way of dealing with health rather than the endless, futile, piece-meal symptom by symptom band-aid approach. After all, that's what allopathic medicine is all about. It needs sick people to stay in business and today conventional healthcare, along with pharmaceutical companies, drive our economy. Detox and be well.

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