Infrared Sauna weight loss.

The secret of infrared sauna weight loss ? The infrared energy penetrates deep into your body - up to 2 inches deep. This deep penetration causes a heating effect deep in your muscles and your organs. It increases your metabolic rate.

Your body will react. It does this by raising your pulse. And you start to sweat.

Weight Loss

You will easily drop as much as four pounds during one 30 minute infrared session ! But hold on, don’t rush out to buy an infrared cabin yet !

You lose weight primarily because you lose fluids. This weight will return as soon as you drink.

How can infrared sauna weight loss work then, you ask ? Clever question. The answer is ...

... you burn calories when you sweat.

You can easily produce up to half a liter of transpiration during an average 30 minute infrared session. This is the equivalent of 300 Kcal, and all you have to do is sit and relax.

Your weight has nowhere to go but down and that’s exactly what it will do.

At least, that's what the marketing guys will tell you :-)

I strongly advise you to drink two or three glasses of water for every 15 minutes you are in the sauna. It may be tempting to enjoy the immediate sauna weight loss if you don’t drink, but this will hurt your body.

There is even a testimonial of one of our visitors that illustrates the danger of dehydration.

Make sure you drink enough so you don’t dehydrate. Drink water. By drinking water you make sure you don’t replenish the lost calories.

Number of calories a 150 pound person normally burns up in 30 minutes of exercise :

Marathon running 593
Vigorous Racquet Ball 510
Swimming (crawl stroke) 300
Jogging 300
Tennis (fast game) 265
Cycling (10 mph) 225
Golfing (without a cart) 150
Walking (3.5 mph) 150

Anyone being used to the heat in a sauna could easily burn 600 to 800 Kcal and you will lose weight much easier than in a traditional sauna because …

… the idea is that the infrared heat penetrates deeper into your body than the heat in an ordinary sauna. Because human fat starts to liquefy at 110 degrees F, subcutaneous fat can be released along with your sweat. Your pores are cleansed, your skin will become healthier and you get rid of all kinds of toxins that are accumulating in your body fat.

Getting rid of toxins is good. It corrects metabolic imbalances that were causing poor digestion and weight gain. And that brings us to another reason why infrared saunas are often mentioned as an effective weight loss help:

Infrared sauna weight loss and detoxification of the body.

You see, for many people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a well-balanced diet are sufficient to start losing weight. If you look around, you will always find people who are a bit overweight, but who can relatively easily lose weight, provided that they start exercising and change their eating habits.

On the other hand however, there are the individuals who can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what they try. Whether they exercise or not, whether they starve themselves or not, it’s like they have hit some kind of plateau where losing a few extra pounds seems impossible.

Some people can eat crazy fattening things and stay thin while the same food makes other people fat.

Which raises an interesting infrared sauna weight loss observation to make:

Can the infrared sauna help our body so it is more like the other body?

Many modern health professionals say that we have to start looking at health imbalances caused by toxins that are accumulating in our body.

In our modern society we are exposed to all sorts of toxins, heavy metals, lead, mercury, aluminum, as well as other toxins such as alcohol and nicotine, which accumulate in our body over the years.

If your body’s natural health is out of balance, you will never be able to lose weight permanently.

The idea that you need to lose weight to get healthy is being challenged today. More and more health professionals are telling you it is the reverse -- you need to get healthy to lose weight.

As long as our body is in an alarm state, struggling to restore its natural balance, we will not be able to lose weight.

Or it will be a frustrating fight. If you do lose weight, it will be very hard to do so.

Infrared sauna weight loss is said to be facilitated by the excellent detoxification mechanism that eliminates the dangerous toxins from your body.

Sweating allows our bodies to get rid of all sorts of toxins and allows our body to regain its self-healing, natural and balanced state of being.

And that is another reason why the infrared sauna is often mentioned as an ideal companion on your pathway to a healthy and more energetic lifestyle.

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