My Little One Person Spa

by Kathy Schenk
(Kitchener, ON, CAN)

I went to the local college of Massage and Hydrotherapy to get the infrared sauna treatment and 1 hour massage to give it a try. I usually will at least try things out before I add the services to my Spa. At the college they were encouraging the sauna, then shower, before the massage to heat up the tissue to allow a deeper more relaxing treatment. Mostly in articles I have came across suggestions to shower before the sauna treatment. I find some of the information really contradictory. Some say to shower before, some say after. I am coming to the conclusion that you may want to do both. Showering before will encourage the deeper heat of the sauna, cleanse your pores and in turn give you the most benificail in detoxification. After the detoxifying sweating effect of the sauna it is very benificial to rinse the detox away.

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