My Own Testing Led me to the Best Low EMF Non-Toxic Sauna in the World

by Ned Spain
(Albany, NY)

Sanctuary Retreat with violet color therapy turned on

Sanctuary Retreat with violet color therapy turned on

After doing my own research and testing I found what I know honestly as the best infrared sauna in the world for me. The low EMF heaters are patented and proven true by a highly respected scientific lab. The materials; woods, glues, etc. are all non-toxic. The wood is Eco certified A-grade wood. The saunas are made in America. The wood finishes are hand sanded; hand matched for beauty, hand assembled and tested before shipment, and are fine furniture grade. The quality of infrared heat is astonishing, producing mostly far infrared which penetrates the body deeply, but also near infrared which heats the skin better. The first session I had in one was incredible. I almost couldn't believe it! I literally felt incredible for over two days - really three before it was wearing off - after a 20 minute session. I wrote a blog article about my findings for low EMF aspect as an expert in the field. I worked for the largest world renowned supplier of EMF test meters and shielding products. As you can guess I'm a technical type of person so I apologize if I sound like I'm into 'specs' but I am haha! The one I got was a Jacuzzi infrared sauna from their sanctuary series in the odor-free basswood. They have it in cedar too which does have that nice fragrant odor. I just want to be able to let anyone use it who might not enjoy cedar smell! If you look into this and are serious about having your own sauna, I have to suggest if you do buy one to get it from Adirondack Wellness Life because they had the free shipping and at the lowest price for the actual sauna. I could not find a better deal on the very same one so I went with that. It was a better deal than direct from the Jacuzzi factory in California even because of not having to pay like 600 dollars in shipping. Still, it's not all about finding the cheapest sauna but finding the real thing and doing it right the first time. Every dollar counts though, it is a bigger purchase. The one I picked it turns out is the most respected kind in the industry and a huge number of spa and health professionals have spoken up for it which was unusual. Hippocrates Health Institute has them all over their wellness park. I use a wheelchair certified model in case my mom wants to use it. They have smaller units for homes and tighter spaces though. Lifetime warranty for home units too while the businesses get a full 5 years. The saunas came with 12 color medical grade chromotherapy color light systems as well as high end stereos built-in. My Sanctuary Retreat wheelchair model has the 12 light and it came standard. Thanks! I hope this helps someone out on their quest!!!

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