Infrared sauna and DOMS

I have two questions that will lead you to achieve better fitness. First, does your gym have a sauna? Second, when's the last time you used it? Many people will answer "I don't remember" and "Never." So I'd like to pass on to you my experiences with infrared sauna and DOMS.

In case you're not familiar with the term, DOMS means delayed onset muscle soreness. Any fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder has experienced it, even if you've never heard it called by that name before. It refers to the pain you feel one to three days after you complete an exercise routine. Some people call it muscle fever.

After you've pushed yourself to reach a new goal, whether you're benching, using pulleys, or through other exercise, you'll notice that your muscles are stiff and painful. You probably feel as if you've lost some strength and flexibility. Your muscles might even feel swollen.

Infrared sauna and DOMS

Usually this discomfort goes away in a day or two. Then you work out again and it recurs. If you're dedicated to your fitness routine, you probably feel as if this pain is a constant presence, a sign that you are always improving. Many people believe that it's a result of lactic burn.

But more and more people are convinced that this pain does not have to be an ever-present part of your workout. After all, your muscles stop burning lactic acid about an hour after you finish your routine. There is increasing evidence that this muscle pain is actually caused when swollen muscles put pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Wouldn't it be great to stick to your regimen and live WITHOUT this pain and discomfort?

Infrared sauna and DOMS

I stumbled upon this information when I read a blog post on a bodybuilding website. It was written by a gym owner who mentioned that he had a sauna in his gym, but nobody ever used it. He went on to explain that, unfortunately, too few people really recognized the benefits of a sauna.

That particular blog post gave a lot of information about a traditional steam sauna. But I've become even more enthusiastic about the benefits of an infrared sauna, which can maximize the intensity. I also learned that infrared sauna use relieves DOMS. I'd like to share with you my own recent experiences using an infrared sauna.

First, I learned that there had been experiments to relieve DOMS in a couple different ways. For example, it's important to stretch adequately before exercising, because DOMS typically occurs when the muscle contraction stresses the muscle to the point of muscle fiber breakdown. We know that when our muscles rebuild during their rest days, or even during sleep at night, that's how we increase actual muscle mass. So stretching those muscles can relieve that post-regimen pain.

Also, some people claimed to overcome DOMS by subjecting their muscles to a second regimen of exercise, but experts now believe that this does not necessarily reinforce growth. In fact, many bodybuilders sometimes recognize that overtraining can require them to back off in weight loads or sets from time to time.

And there have been studies showing that showers in water that alternates between hot and cold temperatures can provide relief. That's why you need to add an infrared sauna to your routine. It utilizes light rays at the far end of the light spectrum, and it has a way of penetrating deep into your muscles. An infrared sauna will encourage your muscle to produce its own heat.

You'll experience some initial benefits such as expulsion of daily toxins from the pores of your skin. Plus, your sweat glands will excrete biochemical impurities including sodium, lead, sulfuric acid, and even cholesterol. The sauna experience will relax your muscles and stimulate better blood circulation. It also will enable you to achieve better rest, which helps muscle growth and restores a healthy mental balance. This is how infrared sauna and DOMS go together and bring you additional benefits.

I also learned from this gym owner how a sauna can stimulate the release of human growth hormone (HGH). We produce more HGH during childhood, and its benefits include boosts to our energy levels and metabolism. It also increases your fat burn. HGH alone can shorten your muscle recovery time. Some experts suggest that ingesting HGH as a supplement can cause negative side effects like an exaggerated stomach-so what could be better than a natural way to increase your level of HGH?

More and more athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts in general are trying the infrared sauna on a regular basis. The prospect of relieving DOMS as well as producing more HGH, as well as the other benefits, is too exciting to dismiss. Infrared sauna and DOMS? Give it a try!

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