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Infrared Sauna Dealers: Should I Buy Online or Real World?

The answer is: it depends. It depends on the number of dealers available to you locally, as well as the range of brands and models they offer.

Obviously, you're going to have the widest selection available to you if you're willing to buy online. (Which is where you seem to be doing your research anyway!)

And while you may be thinking, "Who the heck ships a sauna, the truth is that infrared saunas can be shipped rather affordably and in a pretty compact fashion.

(In fact, I know of one infrared sauna dealer, Paradise Sauna, that quotes you the "with shipping" price right up front, so you don't have to go through the hassle of setting up your entire purchase before they finally reveal the shipping costs to you.)

One other "online vs. offline" thought: with an online purchase, you can often avoid your local sales tax. Altough a word of caution is required if you are looking for ultra cheap infrared saunas .

What else you should look for in an infrared sauna dealer

Look for people whom you feel comfortable shopping with. If it's a real world store, make sure you feel confident of the salespeople and their level of knowledge. If you shop online, you may want to call them up, and/or email them, with a question or two.

Do they respond promptly? Are their people knowledgeable, and are their answers in keeping with what you yourself already know about the product? Are their customers happy?

Additionally, what is their return and exchange policy? (The time to find out is before you take delivery.) Are their products warrantied for a good long time?

And here's a revealing question I always like to ask:

"Would you please tell me about the far infrared sauna you yourself have at home?"

Don't necessarily buy from the store with the biggest selection

One mistake people make is thinking that the store with the biggest selection is the one that can afford to be unbiased in their recommendations. What these people tend to find out though is that the "recommended" brand just happens to be the one offering the richest sales promotion to the retailer at that particular moment.

So, yes - research a wide range of brands. But once you decide which few you're interested in, don't hesitate to buy from a store - whether online or bricks and mortar - that specializes in just a few brands...or maybe just one. (As does Paradise Sauna, a Sauna Gen authorized dealer.)

I'd much rather deal with a company that knows a single brand inside out than one that can't even keep track of what they have on the showroom floor!

Finally, when you're ready to purchase... try to use a credit card - for the extra layer of consumer protection they provide. Oh, and make sure you Google to see if there are any coupons or promotion codes out there. (You do want to get the best price, don't you?)

Good luck and good sauna!

P.S.: You don't always have to rely on an infrared sauna dealer to find a cheap infrared sauna


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