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You've seen them on Oprah, you've read about them on Dr. Phil's message boards, and you're finding them at your local spa or fitness center.

Whether you've tried out a lavish model with all the appointments or simply a cheap infrared sauna, this kind of technology is providing a radical shake-up for the health industry!

How do you find information that is absolutely reliable about the infrared saunas available today? If you're doing this through internet research, you have undoubtedly been bombarded with ads from and links to dozens of infrared sauna vendors. You get all kinds of confusing mixed messages about the best cheap infrared models that will meet your needs. How do you know what information is factual when you are faced with conflicting information about the same products?

That's why my website on this topic features a special testimonials section. Most websites are offshoots of the marketing campaigns mounted by infrared sauna manufacturers, and they all tell you only the best and brightest facts about their products.

Cheap infrared sauna

It's probably not entirely "natural" that those websites offer only glowing testimonials about the products offered. I don't think I've ever experienced a product of any type that was 100% rated by all people, all the time. As I read rave after rave, I realized that the manufacturers choose to post only positive words to build up consumer enthusiasm.

That bothered me because infrared saunas offer so many benefits that it's not necessary to rely on hyped-up ads that pander to people's gullibility. Simply knowing all the points of a good experience should be enough to convince anyone, without any hype necessary-whether you're just taking a cheap infrared sauna out for a spin or luxuriating in one of the higher end models.

I set up my website as a place to look at all the claims made by those vendors. There is a lot of information out there, and you'll find that it's useful to browse through the website pages about the various topics.

But something I decided was just as vital-if not more so-is a place for consumers to air their opinions. If you visit my sauna testimonials, you'll find a special testimonial section, and this is where I am encouraging people to submit their own testimonials, both good and bad. This is not a place where the bad comments will be weeded out!

Its intended purpose is to give your overall comments on your infrared sauna experience in general. Did it make you feel better or worse? Did you try it for a specific health purpose, and if so, did you notice any difference?

You'll also find another section, where you can provide some very specific information. At this place you'll have the opportunity to leave details about the particular brand and model you've tried. This part of the website does reinforce the message we are sending out: It's important to gather and display honest information about your infrared sauna experience, and not some sales pitch thrown at you by a marketing company.

There are sources out there if you just want to find a cheap infrared sauna. One of the places you can look is eBay; you'll find them there at both the high and low ends of the price scale. But you might want to consider spending a fraction more money in order to enjoy the benefits of a carbon-based system.

Basically, you can choose from two heating systems utilized in infrared saunas: Carbon-based or ceramic rods.

Ceramic-based systems deliver infrared by way of little glass tubes networked throughout the sauna unit. They have to reach very intense heat levels, and the result causes two disadvantages.

The first one is that the heat source is really too intense for some people. The ceramic rods reach such high temperatures that people have complained about getting red marks or actually getting burned if their skin comes into contact with them. Yet even at this level of intensity, the heat is so uneven that it just doesn't always do the job.

The second problem is that the heated areas are irregular. One part is too hot and another part is not hot enough. And again, you just don't feel like you're wrapped in heat.

The carbon-based systems work to produce a much more evenly distributed veil of heat throughout the sauna unit. A sauna section powered by carbon-based technology will deliver possibly ten times as much heat as the same size section powered by ceramic rods.

When you conduct your eBay search, just remember to include the words "carbon based" in your search for a cheap infrared sauna. You'll be surprised at what's available.

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