treatment for Lyme disease made my cellulite diminish

Hello all of you out there.
Well, sure it helps.
I am a couple of kilo's overweight, but not obese in any way. Yet, I have had a severe cellulite problem all my life.
Just like my mother. So deff. genetic factors there.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 weeks ago ; (
Because of it, I bought an infra red cabin to help me detox.
Since then, I have been sweating every day.
It's wonderful. I feel better, I am happier, the pain in my shoulder has significantly diminished.
I sleep better. Not only me, but the whole family (three daughters, a dog and a husband) also enjoy the sauna.
(mind you, the dog waits for us outside the glass door..LOL)

But the absolutely cool thing is…………My cellulite is clearly diminishing. WOW.
No joking. It works. It really really works.

Ps: The sauna we bought is a 2 person sauna, of very good quality. We paid 890 euro's for it.

All you out there….
if you can afford it, go for it.
It just is so good for ya.

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