Our infrared sauna - worth the price

by Edward

We finally bought an infrared sauna for our home a few months ago. I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised at how relatively inexpensive it was. We have since been even more pleasantly surprised at how little it costs us to use it. Our electric bill has only gone by about $8 a month, and we use the sauna two or sometimes even three times a week!

Well, even if it were considerably more expensive, it would still be worth the price. Our health has definitely improved. I know that my skin heals faster now if I get a cut (which happens since I'm an athlete), and the skin of both myself and my wife looks younger. I go running, and since we got the sauna I've noticed real improvements in my times, since being in the sauna stimulates the cardiovascular system and, therefore, strengthens it. My wife also has noticed that she is more energized, and she lost a few pounds that were really troubling her even though she has not increased her on workouts (which consist of some yoga poses and some bicycling, and cross-country skiing in Winter). Being in that sauna is one of the most relaxing workouts you could ever have! And if you have an injury, you can still get a good cardiovascular workout from just sitting in it.

Then, there is the fact that the infrared sauna can act like a whirlpool for when I have strained a muscle. The sauna is much more cost-effective than using a whirlpool would be, plus I don't have to book an appointment or pay to use one down at the Y.

I also think that the infrared sauna may have helped me with my sleep. Even with my running, I started experiencing some insomnia a couple of months ago because of stress. But once I started regularly sitting in our sauna, the insomnia left me (before the reasons for the stress did). My wife has also noticed herself sleeping more restfully.

And, I also just feel healthier and cleaner these days. My skin tingles and doesn't get dried out as easily as it used to in dry conditions. It's been quite cold here recently--Winter seems to be coming early this year, even for here in the northern Midwest--and the cold weather here used to make my skin itchy from the dryness. It hasn't been happening this year, though. I believe it's due to the deep-pore cleansing that I get from the infrared sauna. All of that dead skin that used to be lingering on my body invisibly is no longer there to irritate my body.

I rarely get sick anyway, but my wife smokes and is more prone to getting colds. She caught a cold a few weeks back, the kind that usually lingers for a couple of weeks. But she sat in our sauna for two days in a row and her symptoms cleared up in only four days after she caught the cold. She didn't take any medicine, either, just drank some rose hips tea.

So, I just wanted to say that this is some amazing technology that can really improve your health in a very enjoyable way. I think that a lot of people can benefit from owning an infrared sauna.

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