My cellulite Reduction

I have been using an fir sauna 3-5 days a week for about 3 weeks now. I realized after my first session sitting in the sauna is not the way to go, it blocks all the areas I would really like help with (belly, butt & thighs) so I have started standing and doing some minimal dancing while in the sauna. I was already on a weight loss plan, I didn't think the sauna was helping much, but it felt nice, is prepaid for awhile, and I am hoping it will help my skin stay firmer while losing weight.

Then it hit me, by standing/dancing in the middle of the sauna I was actually as far away from the heaters as possible, even though the sauna is quite tiny. So the last 3 sessions I have stood with the back of my thighs as close to a heater as possible (this requires switching sides of the sauna a few times. Tonight after my shower I happened to catch a glance of my backside in the mirror, I did a double take, THE BACKS OF MY THIGHS ARE ALMOST SMOOTH!!!!!!!!! Normally it would be hard to figure out what caused this as I like everyone else I know never try just one thing at a time, but this time I'm sure it was standing right in front of the heaters. Why do I say this? Because the sides, and front of my thighs as well as the top of my butt that don't get the direct heat are still as dimply as ever. I will be rotating more in front of the heaters for sure!

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