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If you are interested in buying an infrared sauna, chances are you have been reading about all their health benefits.

Almost every infrared sauna manufacturer site will tell you about how customers were able to get rid of chronic pain, lose weight, and overcome all kinds of other health problems. Unfortunately, all of that information appears to be found on websites created by business people that want to sell these products. That alone can make you wonder if their claims are accurate.Considering the cost of saunas, you can, and should try to find infrared sauna information from other sources. This site was created by an infrared sauna owner that has no vested interest in trying to sell you one of these products.

My Story

Not so long ago, I was also very interested in buying a sauna.I was intrigued by the idea of being able to read a book and relax while rejuvenating and protecting my health. Over the years, I'd heard about the mineral water baths in Europe, as well as a number of other health restoratives. Of course, I knew I could not afford to live in a hotel and go to the baths on a daily basis. Therefore, I was amazed when I found out that I could have an infrared sauna right in my home. While it may not be the same as the hot water mineral springs, it truly does work on the same principles.

What I've Heard From Others Offline

Even though I do not have any chronic health conditions, I have found that infrared saunas are a joy to own. I always look forward to relaxing in it at the end of the day and on the weekend. Considering how stressful these times are, there is truly nothing like unwinding in the sauna with a good book and some soft music.

Over the years I have met several people (for instance when traveling abroad), who have suffered with conditions from obesity to Fibromyalgia and improved the quality of their lives with their infrared sauna. In several cases, they have reported a reduction in pain, as well as many other symptoms. While I don't know if infrared saunas will work for everyone, I have only heard good things about them from people that I know and most of the infrared sauna information that I was able to find from real people seemed to confirm this.

As you may be aware, Fibromyalgia is an extremely painful condition.There is no cure for it. At the same time, painkillers are more dangerous than most people realize. Therefore, I cannot begin to tell you how surprised I was when several people with Fibromyalgia reported a complete cessation of pain after using an infrared sauna. Sometimes you can doubt the story of one person, but when four or five start to tell you the same thing, it adds to the credibility.Quite frankly, the more infrared sauna information I heard, the more I began to believe that infrared saunas truly are very useful.

The more I heard about miraculous cures and infrared saunas, the more I realized that potential buyers needed another source of information.If you are going to buy something that costs several thousands of dollars, you are sure to be skeptical about its long term health benefits. Ultimately, I decided to create this website in order to help people learn more about infrared saunas from someone that has no interest in selling them. All I want to do is reach out to people and provide a source of infrared sauna information that is not a sales pitch.

An Invitation to Share Your Experience

Today, many people own infrared saunas. If you have one, I would love to hear from you.Please send me a note and let me know whether or not you have gained health, or other benefits from your sauna. I'd also like to hear from you if you feel infrared saunas are virtually useless when it comes to curing various ailments.

Each year, thousands of people die or wind up extremely sick when they take too many painkillers. On the other hand, infrared saunas appear perfectly safe and harmless.It is time to reach out to people who are suffering and let them know there are alternative forms of healing that can restore their well being, and perhaps even their youth.If you own a sauna, please help me reach out to those people. All you need to do is share your story with me, and I will make sure that it appears on my website. I look forward to hearing from all infrared sauna owners, and learning more about each person's experience with these appliances.

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