Infared Sauna

by Barbara

I found a sauna when I went to go tanning. I tried it & fell in love. I had to get one. I did know also that part of my health problems were toxins in my body. These toxins were causing many health issues.

I have had my sauna for a year now. I use it often. I found an improvement in my memory. I feel I function better. I sleep better. The most interesting thing I noticed was how my body felt.

I played running sports before I had the sauna & still play now. I feel like I move better & my breathing is so clear. I have a very busy lifestyle & the sauna has helped me to slow down & relax.

I did use my sauna for 45 min - as recommended. I later found out it is better to do 20 min sessions - possible 2 a day..this is as the body is not overwhelmed with getting rid of the toxins. I found this worked better.

I recommend it to everyone.I even have people come over to try it out. It has been the best investment for my health.

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