Health Wave Sauna

by Mel
(QLD Australia)

I have recently purchased a used Health Wave infrared sauna from a friend who was downsizing, without really investigating any pro's & cons beforehand. This also means that I did not have any preconceived ideas of what to expect.

However, I have found an immediate improvement with aches, pains & tired muscles & a lot less joint pain. I believe that there are a lot of other benefits, but this alone makes a whole lot of difference to my life & makes the purchase very worthwhile.

The deep heat is wonderfully soothing & really relaxes you no matter how tense you are to start with.

Too early to say about weight loss, but there is no doubt that you have a great feeling of well being after using the sauna. A wonderful place to switch off & truly relax.

The sauna also has the benefit of a CD player, light therapy & aromatherapy to give you the complete relaxation experience if you want it.

I am so happy with the immediate health improvements due to my sauna & look forward to enjoying it's ongoing benefits.

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