by Carrie
(North Bay, ON Canada)

I had eczema all over my hands for over a year and a half. It was so bad I had to wear gloves to handle food. You know what gloves can do with eczema! They were so bad they would seep fluid.

I had a baby at the time. Changing diapers, bathing the baby, dealing with lotions---all added to the extreme pain. I worked with my doctor who only offered creams. I took suggestions from anyone who had an idea, including natural products. None of which worked!

We bought an infrared sauna in hopes that it would work. Using the sauna for a half hour daily for 2 weeks straight showed a remarkable improvement!!!!

I can't stress enough the improvement it showed. Within a month the eczema was GONE! If it seemed like it was coming back, 2 sessions in the sauna would get rid of it. I can't say enough about this type of sauna!

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