Vinyl Sauna Suit

Introducing the vinyl sauna suit

You may have seen people jogging or working out in a strange looking suit that almost makes them look as if they are preparing for a moon landing. They aren’t really preparing to embark on a galactic quest; they are just trying to increase the amount of sweat releases by their body by wearing a sauna suit.

What is a Vinyl Sauna Suit

These suits are made from vinyl, although other materials are also available, and are usually worn during strenuous exercises to re-create the sensation of being in a sauna. Because the suit fits tight and does not allow your body to cool down through sweat evaporation, you’re going to get hotter and sweat more.

Now if you’re already wondering why anyone would want to sweat more, the suit may not be the right choice for you. However, if you are interested in the suits many uses, then keep reading.

Exercise Tool

One of the main reasons people purchase and use one of these sauna suits is to lose weight. Maybe you’ve heard of those body wraps that supposedly help you drop lots of weight quickly. Well, the principle is supposed to be the same here.

The bad news is that sweating a lot probably won’t do anything except help you shed some extra water weight. Many people have a misunderstanding of how the body works and assume that the weight you lose after jogging in one of these suits is going to stay off. The reality is you’ll usually put it back on after you drink a glass of water.

With that said, the suit can be useful for workouts. Because during a workout, you want to increase your inner temperature in order to burn more fat through metabolism, the suit can help you do that. You’ll get a better workout with less energy required. That’s a good thing. But you should only wear the suit for short periods of time.

There is a danger involved in wearing the suit for too long. You see, if the sweat doesn’t have the chance to evaporate you could easily overheat and that can be fatal if left untreated. Additionally, all of the extra sweating could end up causing you to become dehydrated and that can also be fatal. The combination of both of these problems will undoubtedly require some medical attention so use the vinyl sauna suit in moderation and drink plenty of water.

Beautify Your Skin

While the idea of losing weight through sweating may be a myth, one thing that is not a myth is that sweating can help your skin look more radiant and feel smoother. You might not think this would be the case since most people associate sweating with being dirty or feeling nasty. After a hard run, for example, most people just want to hit the showers.

However, sweating is beneficial to your skin. As you may know, your skin contains millions of hair follicles. When these become blocked by dirt and debris, sebum – natural oil your skin produces – builds up in the follicle and causes a pimple. Even if you don’t get a pimple, the dirt, dead skin cells, and other environmental debris on your skin can leave it feeling rough and looking bad.

When you sweat, it cleans away all of that junk from your skin. All of the nasty dead skin cells and the dirt are gone with the sweat. It also cleans out the pores by pushing up any debris left in them that might later cause you to have a breakout.

People who sweat the most are going to have the most beautiful and healthy skin. Wearing the vinyl sauna suit any time you might work up a sweat is the best way to improve the look of your skin and to keep you looking youthful. Again, don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Without enough water, you won’t be able to sweat and your skin will also start drying out.

Getting a vinyl Sauna Suit

If you’re interested in trying one of these suits, you can do so for not much money. They are available online from as low as $8 through or for higher quality models for as much as $80. Whether you plan to sweat yourself healthy or perspire your way to perfect skin, these suits can help you achieve your goal easier and sometimes at a more affordable price than you’d pay at one of those spas.  

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