Sunlight Sauna infrared cabins.

Sunlight Saunas is another company you might consider when looking for a home infrared sauna in the USA.

Address data : 14119 Marshall Drive Lenexa, KS 66215


Sunlight Saunas uses a revolutionary new kind of heaters which go by the name of Solocarbon heaters. These heaters are the largest far-infrared heaters available on the market today (14.5 inches by 43 inches).

These heaters operate at a low surface temperature (100-200F) because of their very large surface area (624 square inches !).

There’s even a heater in the floor to make sure that each part of the body gets infrared radiation. You don’t have to put your feet up on the bench to ensure circulation in your lower legs and feet.

The solocarbon heaters come with a limited lifetime warranty and all saunas can be operated on a standard 120V or 240V outlet.


A timer is available to preheat the sauna based on your schedule. The controls are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


The cabin is constructed in solid tongue and groove Canadian cedar wood and trim or can be upgraded to hypoallergenic basswood.

The front door is made of tempered glass, which is definitely a plus over plastic windows that can off-gas toxic fumes when heated.

Toxic glues ? No need to worry about them either, because Sunlight Saunas uses non-toxic water based glues.

Assembly is super easy with the power magnets, which eliminate the need for clips. Recessed lights run the full length of the sauna, delivering soft, ambient lighting.

The cabins are available in two and three person model and also in a luxury or corner model. They all come with adjustable (and removable) backrests and the corner model is equipped with two benches (one on each side).

An optional AM/FM radio with cd player or even a DVD player with 8 inch color LCD make your infrared sauna experience even more luxurious.

The cabinetry is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty, audio or DVD systems have a one year manufacturers (Blaupunkt) warranty.

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