Sauna Infrared Therapy is Gaining in Popularity

I'm happy to report that sauna infrared therapy and infrared saunas are being offered by more and more day spas and wellness centers as part of their services and treatments. In fact, some spas have indicated that infrared sauna sessions are one of the most popular things they offer.

And an increasing number of health care professionals are recommending sauna infrared therapy sessions to their patients, especially those who might be helped by the penetrating heat, relaxation and/or detoxifying effects that infrared saunas provide. For example, people with aches and pains can be helped a great deal by a sauna's radiant heat penetrating deeply into their muscles, joints and other tissues.

Sauna Infrared Therapy

You might just be starting to look into sauna infrared therapy, possibly because one of your health care providers suggested that you have some sessions. Or maybe one of your friends went to a day spa and now can't stop talking about infrared saunas. It's possible that you don't quite understand what this innovative therapy really is, much less how it can improve your health. If so, please let this article serve as an introduction to sauna infrared therapy. The information you'll learn will help you understand why your friend is so enthusiastic or why your health care professional recommended sauna infrared therapy sessions. You might also pick up some ideas for small talk at a cocktail party (just kidding, of course).

I've already gone over the differences between traditional steam saunas and infrared saunas in a separate article, but I will say that infrared saunas can offer you benefits that steam saunas cannot. For example, many infrared saunas are small, compact cabins that don't require a whole lot of space, making them perfect for having in your home. Most people - at least those who don't live in huge mansions - must go to a day spa, a health center or a wellness center to enjoy the benefits provided by a steam sauna.

But their compact size is far from the only benefit that's offered by infrared saunas. The environment inside a steam sauna is, to put it bluntly, humid to the extreme. After all, the cabin is filled with steam. Reading a magazine, newspaper or book while you're inside a steam sauna is almost impossible, because the paper can be ruined by the extreme humidity in the air. In contrast, the environment inside an infrared sauna is comfortable and free of excess humidity. Reading while you're in an infrared sauna is no problem whatsoever.

Infrared saunas provide a number of health benefits, and it's not often that people can install devices in their homes that can significantly improve their health. Unfortunately, however, some companies that may be (ahem) a bit less scrupulous than others are trying to cash in on the profits that are being generated by what has become a popular health trend. As a result, the infrared sauna market is currently experiencing some deceptive marketing tactics.

Keep a few things in mind when you're looking at infrared saunas. For one thing, you should avoid buying a sauna that uses toxic glues and varnishes in its construction. Those toxic materials will outgas while you're using your sauna, meaning your sauna will actually expose you to toxic fumes instead of detoxifying your body. Whether the infrared sauna unit and all its electrical components have been fully tested and approved by the agencies and organizations that have oversight of such matters is another thing to keep in mind while you're shopping.

Research is an important part of the shopping process when you're buying an infrared sauna. You don't want to buy a sauna that's inferior or substandard. And you certainly don't want to buy a product that will harm you by exposing you to additional toxins. Sauna infrared therapy sessions can do wonders for your health, but you need to buy the right device - one that will provide a healthy, relaxing place to rest while your body detoxifies itself.

If you want my personal advice, I suggest you go to a health care provider, a day spa or a health or wellness center and have a few sauna infrared therapy sessions. If you can, try a few different models. You'll also want to try at least one infrared sauna that uses carbon heaters and at least one model that uses ceramic heaters. Trying out as many as possible can help you decide which type of infrared sauna you prefer.

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