Relief From Insomnia

Relief from insomnia with infrared saunas?

If you haven’t heard or read already, infrared saunas have multiple health benefits as well as provide users with a great way to relax. These saunas really do improve your overall quality of life. People are discovering this more and more, and not only enjoying them at gyms or spas but making them part of their home as well.

It turns out though, that infrared sauna use has also been known to help people who need relief from insomnia. This is a great thing to hear since more and more people are relying on prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids that can have horrible side effects. But those who seek relief from insomnia know how debilitating this problem can be, and are often willing to do, try or take anything to get relief.


Chemicals and toxins that build up in our body can have many harmful effects on our health. The toxins we come into contact with on a daily basis can cause serious illnesses and diseases. Even the non-life threatening issues that we get from toxins are bad enough. Insomnia can be the result of built up toxins.

Including an infrared sauna as part of your detoxification or body purification plan can help reduce and eliminate many of these toxic substances from your body. The heat generated by the sauna causes your body to sweat out many harmful toxins. In fact, compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas are reported to produce sweat that is 20% toxins as opposed to the other sauna which only generates 3%.

Also, the heat generated by infrared saunas, as opposed to traditional saunas, is reportedly seven times better at removing toxins such as metals, cholesterols, ammonia, nicotine and alcohol, in addition to all the other types of toxins people come into contact with or introduce into their body by choice. Many of these can disrupt a person’s ability to sleep. Infrared saunas can help detox the body and hopefully get better rest or possibly even get full relief from insomnia.


Obviously, one of the key benefits of an infrared sauna is the ability to relax. People with high stress levels are more prone to suffer bouts of insomnia or deal with it on a regular or long term basis. The inability to cope with anxiety can definitely lead to insomnia, poor quality sleep or regularly interrupted sleep.

While many anxiety and insomnia sufferers use medication or other techniques, like yoga or meditation, to help cope, many are finding the luxury of relaxing in an infrared sauna is having the same effect. During the course of the day or in the evening an hour or so before bed, the warmth and tranquility of an infrared sauna can help sleep come more naturally.

Pain Alleviation

Relief From Insomnia

People who suffer with pain know how it can affect sleeping habits. Conditions such as arthritis, back pain or other muscle, bone or joint problems can make falling asleep a difficult task and staying asleep an impossible one. Again, many people take medications to try to dull the pain or make sleep come but it doesn’t always work, can be addictive or just harmful for your body in other ways.

People who use an infrared sauna have been finding much relief from pain and soreness. In fact, in some cases the results were immediate. The heat from this type of sauna penetrates the skin and muscles and body for a gentle method of pain relief. This is even true for those who struggle with stiffness that can also be painful and damage the quality of sleep you get.

The improved quality of blood circulation that is caused by infrared saunas can help, too. Better blood circulation can mean less pain or inflammation that may be causing pain. While some feel immediate results, including infrared sauna sessions on a regular basis over a period of time is quite likely to ease or eliminate your pain as well as give you back the quality sleep you deserve and need.

For those who suffer breathing problems that can cause insomnia or poor quality of sleep, infrared saunas have been known to help with this as well. Because there is no steam like traditional saunas, many people with breathing problems who could not use saunas have been able to with the heat generated from infrared saunas.

Final Note

If you need relief from insomnia, then you have probably tried everything or are willing to try anything you can think of. If you haven’t already tried using an infrared sauna on a regular basis as part of your approach to ending the battle with insomnia, now is the time to try. Don’t worry, you can add one to your home or even find a smaller portable version to help you make this part of your home treatment.

You should speak with your doctor before trying infrared saunas, but you will be glad to know many doctors support and even recommend these types of saunas for many types of health aliments. There is no guarantee that this approach will be able to help you stop taking prescriptions for relief from insomnia, but it's worth a try.

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