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If you are trying to find a good portable far infrared sauna I'm assuming one of two things. That there just isn't enough space allocated within your home to accommodate a full-wood infrared cabin, or you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on your home sauna and you are looking for a more economical avenue to enjoy the health enhancing benefits of an infrared sauna system.

In either event, if it’s a portable far infrared sauna that you’re after, you probably belong to the audience that has more confidence in far infrared than near infrared. (for more on far infrared vs near infrared, there’s a separate page on my site that talks about that). Saunas are no longer limited to expensive gyms, spas, or spaces within a home. Infrared saunas are now portable.

Contrary to common misconception, portable infrared saunas are nearly as effective as their wood counterparts. Moreover, these units are more cost effective and allow consumers the same health benefits with better accessibility.

Far Infrared in a Portable Sauna

For customers looking for a portable far infrared sauna, there are several options today. On Amazon, for instance, you will find models with far infrared heaters as well as units with mid- or near infrared heaters.

A portable far infrared sauna utilizes non-visible light spectrum wavelengths to heat the body in the same manner as the sun. Once the body is heated, toxins and metabolic waste are removed through sweating and circulation is improved. Additionally, improved immune function and enhanced skin tone and texture are other noticeable infrared sauna advantages. Although studies have not corroborated improved acne, many users report less acne as another perk when using infrared saunas.

A portable far infrared sauna yields the same benefits of “traditional” infrared saunas minus the bulk and expensive costs including installation. However, portable infrared saunas are not a one size fit all product. There are several types of portable infrared saunas to choose from, and each model is different to accommodate your needs.

The most economical type of infrared sauna is the foldable infrared sauna, equipped with far infrared heaters. These particular infrared saunas are usually comprised of a foldable chair type mechanism inside of a collapsible tent like structure. While these economically friendly models provide the same benefits of traditional FAR infrared radiation, these models can cause some issues with the chair. The chair mechanism inside is made of metal which can cause potential discomfort when sitting for longer periods of time. Also, some users report an overwhelming smell of fumes inside of this particular portable sauna model. Some users also report having to air out the infrared sauna before using it just to underwhelm the smell. This is not only inconvenient, but may pose questions about possible toxic fumes, which defeats the purpose of even owning a portable infrared sauna.

The next type of portable infrared sauna is the portable infrared sauna dome or sleeping bag. Physically, they are similar to sleeping bags. The portable dome encompasses a larger amount of space once inflated while the sleeping bag model is more compact and close to the body when in use.

Other models like the Hide-A-Way personal infrared sauna and the HealSpa one person FAR infrared sauna encompass almost the entire body to provide ultimate circulation and health benefits. The HealSpa one person FAR infrared sauna is portable in the sense that you cannot actually take it with you out of the home, but it is small enough to move it from place to place in your home or living space. The Healspa personal sauna utilizes Lower Body Thermal Therapy or LBTT to equalize the imbalance between upper body and lower body temperatures while keeping the upper body free, including the arms and upper torso, to perform other duties while only the lower body is enclosed. The Hide-A-Way model encloses the entire body except for the head and utilizes infrared technology in the same way as a traditional infrared sauna to promote healthy circulation and toxin removal.

With its newfound popularity, a portable far infrared sauna is available almost anywhere on the internet. However, amazon.com offers a wealth of models to fit your portability needs, prices to fit your budget, and shipping options so that you can receive your portable sauna in as soon as you may need it. Amazon.com is also a good reference point to compare prices, models, and shipping options.

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