Infrared Treatment

Infrared Treatment. Something you should know about?

For many years the benefits of saunas have been known. Traditional saunas use steam in order to heat the air. The steam and the air then heat the user.

Infrared Treatment

More recently, the benefits of infrared treatment(IR saunas) are promoted heavily. The heaters in an infrared sauna emit far infrared heat to directly heat the user rather than heating the air.

The reason that IR saunas are supposed to be good for the health is that the infrared rays supposedly knock toxins loose from fat cells in the body. Then these toxins are released when you sweat. This helps to detoxify the body. Infrared treatment also is supposed to help stimulate the immune system, aid in weight loss, and aid in pain relief.

IR sauna therapy also assists in weight loss. This is because the infrared rays penetrate into the body. A heating effect is caused in the organs and the muscles, which will make you sweat. Infrared treatment makes the heart pump faster and your body is working like when you are having a workout. Except, you are relaxing and rejuvenating. However, it is important to note that most of the weight will be regained after you drink again because weight is lost through sweat. Drink a lot of water before treatment and that way you will not become dehydrated and will truly lose weight and not be fooled by losing the weight that is lost liquid just to gain it back with a drink or two.

The effect of infrared treatment on skin conditions, like for instance eczema? Some skin conditions react very well to the effect of infrared therapy. Since infrared rays penetrate into the body, this make the blood circulate better. When the blood circulates better, nutrients go to more of the spots where eczema is located reducing or even eliminating the problem.

Cardiac health is another effect. Your body wants to cool down, but it is not possible while the infrared rays are heating. Because your body wants to cool down, your heart rate goes up. This gives your body a work out and can easily compare to running a mile or more.

Infrared technology can even be used to treat internal conditions such as ulcers. Some doctors debate these claims, but research is still happening and there have been no truly negative side effects found during the research. In order to try infrared therapy, public infrared saunas can be sought through gyms, health organizations, and on the Internet.

A few times after trying these treatments, if it works and you have the money, you may be interested in buying your own infrared sauna. There are two options: a permanent infrared cabin or a portable infrared sauna. A permanent infrared cabin is one that is installed in a room in the house such as a home gym or workout room. Capacities range from 1 person and up, usually capping at four (4) people, allowing a family of four (4) or two (2) couples to be in the sauna together. When buying an infrared cabin, it is important to take not of the size of the cabin and have those people who are interested in using it come along to see if everybody would be comfortable in it.

There are many different designs of cabins and this is where some choices may get difficult. It depends on what is wanted for each cabin. There are cabins with no view to the outside and just inside controls allowing the user to adjust things and nobody outside to adjust things, either. There are also cabins with windows in the doors and perhaps even other areas. Users can then see out of the cabin. Of course, if the cabin is going to be used while not completely covered, the placement of the cabin relative to windows is going to matter, and this means that the placement of the windows in the cabin is also going to matter.

Other options that are offered are a CD player with controls that are both inside and outside, internal lighting, and controls for the sauna both inside and outside. Every detail must be taken into account as to what is wanted and why it is wanted before anybody feels like a mistake was made when the sauna was bought as they are a great investment of money.

Portable infrared saunas are still a great investment of money, but they are affordable. It is true that they look silly (perhaps like a Stay Puff Marshmallow Man costume), but the benefits are great. The sauna is a piece of textile that unzips and then goes around the body. This is done while sitting on a chair that can go into the sauna. It then zips up to stay in place. It is plugged into any wall outlet and the infrared heaters do their work to heat the body. The same effects of having an infrared cabin or going for infrared sauna treatments are available from this.

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